CAPAC General Meeting & Conference

CAPAC General Meeting & Conference

The CAPAC General Meeting (GM) & Conference took place online on Wednesday 17 March 2021.

Around 50 delegates from 24 jurisdictions attended the meeting which was chaired by the Chair of the UK PAC and CAPAC, Ms Meg Hillier MP.

Some of the key highlights from the meeting include:
• CAPAC is now an Association of 52 member committees with the ratification of 12 new member committees. 
• Following ratification at the meeting, the CAPAC Executive Committee is made up of members from: Australia, Barbados, Canada, Fiji, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Jersey, Maldives, Rwanda, UK & Zambia.
• The three CAPAC Executive Officers are:
               o Chair (Meg Hillier MP, PAC Chair, UK)
               o Vice Chair (Hon. Mohamed Nashiz MP, PAC Chair, Maldives)
               o Treasurer (Hon. Juan Watterson SHK, PAC Chair, Isle of Man).

The second half of the meeting was dedicted to the CAPAC Conference which was led by CPA UK, the current Secretariat for CAPAC. During the Conference, CPA UK  relaunched the newly re-designed CAPAC portal and provided an overview of some of the research it is currently undertaking on the effects of COVID-19 on the ability of Commonwealth PACs to continue scrutinising government spending. Due to the growth of CAPAC as an Association, the second half of the conference focussed on what members would like to see from CAPAC moving forward in terms of future activity and the role of its members as well as looking at how best to utilise the CAPAC portal as a resource to support PAC Chairs, members and clerks in their role. 

The minutes of the meeting will be shared shortly.

For any questions or queries regarding the CAPAC GM & Conference, please contact the CAPAC Secretariat by via the 'Contact Us' page or via